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Hello everyone,
The time has come to wave goodbye to Version 7.
We've become aware that a growing amount of the community has become bored and need something new. That's what we intend to do with Version 8. We understand to those that don't want a reset that this aggravating and sudden so, let me explain a few things.

Version 7 (to date) has been the longest-running version we've had so far, beating Version 4 by 2 months and Version 3 by 3 months. We intended for Version 7 to last as long as possible, and that's what we've tried to do with our Content Updates. Obviously though, our efforts weren't enough to keep the excitement alive that Version 7 once held. Nearing the end of it, most players had acquired all useful items (Slimefun, mcMMO levels, money etc) and there was no more motive to continue. We understand that adding some-sort of a motive would bring a few players back, but it's not enough to the majority.

So, what are we going to do differently?
Firstly, I'd like to mention Content Updates. We will still continue doing content updates every month (unless it's a holiday month like Christmas) but we're going to change the current meta. We're going to switch things up in every update, try something new, improve and remove things. We'll be working very closely to our Community Managers to really get an understanding of what the community wants, so please talk to them or post suggestions on the forum. The Community Manager, however, can fast track ideas if there's enough interest for said idea.

Secondly, we're starting V8 with the intent for things to feel different. More to explore, more to do. We don't want to add as much content as Version 7 did simply because of the overwhelming amount that new players were shoved into. This is not going to happen in the future. We will still add new Content obviously, just not to the scale that will cause new players confusion. We are heavily focussing on the new guide and making things easy to understand, so if you have any questions please refer to it.

Thirdly, Version 7 gave me and I assume the team a good amount of knowledge that we didn't have previously going into new versions. We know the communities patterns, how you interact with new things and get to grips with things. We're going to use this to heavily regulate our decisions and new features around. We don't want CYT to not feel like CYT, but there's always room for things to be switched up.

And finally, rules. We completely understand that the current rules are very long and at least 75% of people do not read them entirely. If you have, hats off to you. We're going to make a 'dumbed down version' with the most important and easily broken rules in, whilst still having the rest in place. This will make the rules easier for you to understand and follow, which in essence is easier for the team to moderate.

We sincerely hope you'll join us in Version 8 and we cannot wait for what the future will bring.
Thank you,
Luke, Sanne & Team.

Downtime begins: Tuesday 3rd March | Noon GMT/7am EST
Server reopens: Saturday 7th March | 5pm GMT/Noon EST


I recently bought crate keys, what about those?

All personal crate keys (not server-wide) bought within 1st February to 3rd March will be resent for V8.

Will my donator perks carry over?
Yes! You will not lose any of your purchased perks.

Will my tags carry over that I won in-game?

What does the reset include?
Balance, worlds, mcMMO, PlayerVaults, basically a full wipe.

Can you upload the previous world for us?
We'll go ahead and have a download link for the Version 7 towny world once we settle in.

Why did this take so long to do?!
We've been working on this for a while, keeping it under wraps and making sure things are perfect and as bug-free as we can test for.

Many people are ready for a reset, and we feel the time is right. We're going to switch the meta up in content updates to keep things fresh and make sure things don't get stale. We're going ahead and making V8 fresh and mainly all-new, this gives you more to see, explore and do. V7 gave us information on how the community interacts and learns new features, and we're going to use this to dictate how we add and change things. We're going to add a basic rule list that includes the most easily broken and important rules to make it easier to understand, whilst still keeping the full list in-place.
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