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Rule Change
Change to Rule G10:
Punishment violations will only be given if a 0-tick farm is made after this announcement has been posted. Any 0-tick farms made prior to the rule change will be simply removed.
Rule [G10]

Most fly machines, large Redstone contraptions, clocks or lag machines are not allowed.
ADDED: 0-tick farms are not allowed.
If you have concerns ask staff to check it out as if it is not massive, cause lag or with fly machines not go on forever then it should be ok.

(Note: Any blocks and any items lost during WorldEdit removal will not be refunded due to rule violation)

CYT Staff Promotions
We'd like to welcome back our good friend @Trokie111 as a Content member!
And for the SlimeFun Master himself, we're pleased to announce @XP_PD2 as our newest Helper!

As many of you already know, Dungeons has made a return today! Access the dungeons via /warp dungeon.
"We're going to trial returning the dungeons on SATURDAY If they do begin to cause TPS drops, they will be again disabled. This is a test and therefore we're not responsible for any issues that arise. "

Mazes have been regenerated

Increased Render Distance of Players

You can now see other players from further away!

Disabled SimpleRename
We have had to temporarily disable /rename. We hope to bring it back in the coming days, an announcement will be made in #towny-announcements on Discord.

Envoy/Crate Rewards
Reward chances for both Envoys and Crates have been slightly altered in preparation for additional items/rewards coming next week! (v7.3.2)

Fish chances have been slightly altered in preparation for a new update that introduces 3 new augments <3

No Changes Made!

No Changes Made!

No Changes Made!