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Rule Changes (& SF Rule Enforcement)
A few rule changes:
  • Placed SlimeFun blocks that revert to their default block (mainly blocks from SlimeXPansion) will now not be replaced. -- We made this change to avoid false reports of glitched items
  • Any CS-CoreLib Heads that are obtained due to Cargo Nodes or Capacitors reverting will be replaced to the lowest tier (Small Energy Capacitor/Input and Output Nodes) -- This is done because there is no way for us to differenciate the blank item handed to other tiers.
G2 - Hacking and Unfair Advantages
  • 1st Offence = (30-day ban) [was 1 week]
  • 2nd Offence = (90-day ban + Job level reset and balance halved) [was 30 days]
  • 3rd Offence = (Permanent ban)

XP gain from completing tasks has been increased by 30%! (Except Crafter/Builder)
Increased Builder XP by 10%
Jobs buff on all jobs by 10% (Except Crafter/Builder)
This is to help players level up their jobs faster and therefor make more money.

A community favourite plugin has been re-added, now with LWC protection!
41 new recipes have been added - find them using /brews

Mazes have been refreshed for the coming week.
Maze rewards have been increased.
  • Easy Maze: $500 $1,000
  • Medium Maze: $2,000 $3,000
  • Hard Maze: $5,000 $7,500
  • Hell Maze: $7,500 $15,000

Dolphins have been added! (To help with obtaining Dolphin Tails for PyroFishing)

The Fly ability can now be purchased for a select amount of time using in-game money!
Use /flight to purchase the ability and trails when flying.

Unfreezing mobs
Withers and passive mobs will now not freeze!

Nether Warning
Due to the world border sizes in the Nether, creating portals in the Nether (after a certain distance) will bring you outside the Overworld border - causing death!
A message has been added when a player enters the Nether, to be mindful of this.

Clock of Time
The 'Clock of Time' item that is obtained from ranking up will now take you back to your death point!

Crates Revamped (VP)
New rewards have been added to all crates, including VoteParty rewards.

Quests Revamped
Quests have been balanced to have the correct rewards for the amount of work done to complete a quest!

Weekly Events Revival
We're restarting weekly events, starting today! Check the discord for more information.

Guide Additions
Added Brewery section to /guide

Summer Sale
There is currently a 30% off sale on everything at our store, click here for more information.

Added 1.14.4 support

No Changes Made!

No Changes Made!