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Reduced passive entropy gain for simply catching fish (not gutting them).
Reduced prices for Gold/Diamond fish types:

Gold Fish: 175$ 125$
Diamond Fish
: 750$ 500$

Mazes & Parkour
Merged Parkour Lobby with Maze Lobby, use /warp maze or /warp parkour to get there!
Refreshed all mazes - happy mapping! ❤

Removed all unused/griefed PWarps. (Thanks @XP_PD2 )
Changed /pwarps menu glass colour to blue from grey. All about those aesthetics!

A small update - we're aware that Barrels and SlimeXPansion blocks currently don't work with the latest version of SlimeFun.
We're continuously updating SlimeFun builds, we should have a fix for this soon! Please do not break Barrels/SlimeXPansion blocks in the meantime.

Unlock Keys
You can now buy Unlock Keys in batches of 3 and 5 for a reduced price via /keys! (Thanks @XP_PD2 )
For those who don't know, these keys can be used for raiding locked chests that aren't directly in a town claim.

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