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Rule Changes
1st Offence = (3-day ban + Grief rolled back) (Warning + Grief rolled back)
2nd Offence = (7-day ban + Grief rolled back) (3-day ban + Grief rolled back)
3rd Offence = (21-day ban + Grief rolled back) (7-day ban + Grief rolled back)
4th Offence = (Permanent Ban + Grief rolled back)

CYT Builder Role Change
We no longer have a dedicated 'Builder' role with a tag and a place at /warp staff!
From now on, if you would like to build for CYT and let us use these builds in dungeons, events and future updates please be sure to fill out an application form here.
The requirements to be a Builder have been changed, this allows us to focus more on what you're willing to offer in terms of skill and time than how long you've been on.

If you are accepted via the forums, you will have access to our new Build server - completely separate from both V7 and Legacy. This creative server offers large plots exclusively for CYT Builders and World Edit will be provided. In-game money and CYT Store Vouchers (on special occasions) will also be rewarded to any Builder whose build is used in any way on CYT!

Mazes have been refreshed! (Will be opened later tonight!)

Rainbow Glass/Glass Panes and Clay have been temporarily disabled, this is to hopefully reduce the strain SlimeFun has on the server without impacting gameplay too much.

VoteParty Rewards
Rainbow Glass/Clay has been removed from the VoteParty rewards due to them now being disabled.

Quest NPCs have been updated in preparation for V7.3.

Mystical Crate has been updated with new rewards.

Melon Blocks should have been fixed and will work as intended with the Farmer Job.

No Changes Made!

No Changes Made!

No Changes Made!