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Content & Staff Feedback Form Giveaway Winner:
Congratulations to Mattmuzzy!
Winning 50,000$ in-game and a 15$ CYT Store Voucher.

Staff Promotions
We'd like to welcome @Retro_Ownagee and @MsPandaLilly as our new Helpers!
And both @Fear @Andrewfrigon as our newest Mods!

Spawner prices of Zombie/Skeleton/Spider/Cave Spider/Blaze have been reduced.

As some have picked up, the automatic tournaments have been reduced to every 3 hours.
The prizes for winning have been reduced:
1st Place: 7,500$ 5,000$
2nd Place
: 5,000$ 2,500$
3rd Place:
2,500$ 1,250$

Participatory Reward:
500$ 250$

Entropy has been added as a possible VoteParty reward!

Once a player reaches 500+ Reactions (as stated on /reaction top) you will receive the following exclusive tag:
Once a player reaches the level 50 in PyroFishing (as stated on fish stats) you will receive the following exclusive tag:
An Admin+ must be contacted via the #support channel in order to receive this tag! It will not be given automatically.

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