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Rule Change
Rule T5 changed from 2 hours to 12 hours when asking a person to leave your town area:
If you’re in a town, or within a 200-block radius of one, and a town member ask you to leave, do so immediately and if you are on a players personal plot and they ask you to leave, do so immediately. This means to teleport to spawn, your town spawn or away from the town, not stay around the general area. If a player does not leave and/or still appears on the town members [/near] list (within a 200-block radius), then this will be in violation of the request and punishments will be given.

If this request is stated, you must stay away from the area for at least 12 hours - returning sooner will result in the same punishments.

(Note: Evidence in the form of a screenshot is required for the [/near] violation to be acted upon.)

(Note: Staff bypass this unless it is because they are doing it with malicious intent, if that’s the case report it using this form with proof and it will be dealt with accordingly)

(Note: If the player hasn’t left and no staff are on to remove them if town perms can be toggled to allow PvP then they can do so 10 seconds after the player has been warned)

(Note: However if the town members then die to the intruder staff are not responsible for any items lost, you enable town PvP at your own risk)

(Note: If no staff are on and you wish to not toggle PvP if you provide evidence of the person not leaving the town the offender can still be charged after once a staff member gets on)

Changed AuctionHouse plugin to one that doesn't stop players from redeeming expired items, cancelling items and basically everything else that an AH plugin should do!

All items that were currently active in the old AH are redeemable by asking an Admin+ to give you these items! The following players still have items that can be redeemed (until 10th August):
  • RscribbleZ
  • Skepta_Shutdown
  • MsPandaLilly
  • evil000
  • shadowzombiez18
  • Zombie18
  • LegacyLord
  • TheGreatOliver1
  • BlackVirus22
  • GlycarGlacier14
  • chloeradish
  • Kris1va
  • SumTingWongChu2
  • Survival_Ninja
  • Abeskies
  • Yarendas
  • Beans___
  • Cingoo
  • uncle_cam
  • Duckybee1993
  • Osiris_Omen
  • DarkSinister
  • TheGimmLord
  • TheShyPotato
  • TheBigAndi
  • SpeklunkerSteph
  • Talos_Ninetails
  • SuperTC02

An issue with the Dungeon Crate not giving the intended Mending book has been fixed.
Crate Cooldown has been reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.

Enchanted books are now able to be combined and added to tools again.

All mazes have been reset - enjoy mapping those again!

The issue with a message that stated 'Null' every now and then has been resolved. Dev contacted in regards to augment issues that we've been made aware of!

'Catch the Longest Fish' Fishing Tournaments will now automatically start every 5 hours

All spawners that were intended to be purchasable can now actually be seen by players.

No Changes Made!

No Changes Made!

No Changes Made!
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