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Staff Promotions
We'd like to announce GeneralCinny as our newest Admin!

Version Updates
Updated to MC Ver. 1.14.4 - "this should hopefully sort the lag."

SlimeFun Changes
Re-added the Explosive Pickaxe.

PyroFishing Changes
Added Augments:
  • Crab Bait
  • Master Fisherman
Reverted Entropy changes made in v7.1.2
Bronze Fish Entropy: 40 80
Silver Fish Entropy:
70 135
Gold Fish Entropy:
125 250
Diamond Fish Entropy:
200 400
Platinum Fish Entropy:
1000 2000
Bronze Fish Entropy: 50 100
Silver Fish Entropy:
100 200
Gold Fish Entropy:
250 500
Diamond Fish Entropy:
700 1400
Platinum Fish Entropy:
3000 6000

Jobs Changes
All job income (excluding Crafter and Builder) have increased by 15%.

Chair Changes
All 1.14+ stairs, slabs etc. can now be sat on! (Exactly what you were wanting from us)

AuctionHouse Slots Fixed

AFK Spot Protected

TAB List Fixed

Improved under-bridge building area! Thanks to EKzoTiiC and Landobob.

No changes made!