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Staff Promotions
We’d like to welcome AndrewFrigon (Andrew) to the team as our newest Helper!
And a hearty goodbye to VersionOmega (Dan) who is resigning from his position as Towny Manager <3
Rule Changes
Towny Rule T1 (Griefing within 32-blocks of a town) punishments have been reduced:
Old Punishments:
1st Offence = (1-week ban + Grief rolled back)
2nd Offence = (30-day ban + Grief rolled back)
3rd Offence = (Permanent Ban + Grief rolled back)

New Punishments:
1st Offence = (3-day ban + Grief Rolled Back)
2nd Offence = (7-day ban + Grief Rolled Back)
3rd Offence = (21-day ban + Grief Rolled Back)
4th Offence = (Permanent ban + Grief Rolled Back)
Cooldown times to receive have been changed:
Easy Parkours: 24-hour cooldown (No Change)
Medium Parkours:24-hour cooldown (No Change)
Hard Parkours: 24-hour 48-hour cooldown
Hell Parkours:
24-hour 72-hour cooldown

XRun - Mushroom Gorge:
3500$ 2000$ (24-hour 48-hour cooldown)
XRun - Cloud:
5000$ 4000$ (24-hour 48-hour cooldown)
All mazes have been regenerated and leaderboards cleared.
All maze reward prices have been changed:
Easy Maze: 1000$ 500$ (24-hour delay)
Moderate Maze:
4000$ 2000$ (24-hour delay)
Hard Maze:
7500$ 3750$ (48-hour delay)
Hell Maze:
15000$ 7500$ (72-hour delay)
PyroFishing Changes
Decreased change of up-scaling fish using /fish scales:
Low Risk Scaling Chance: 70 60
Medium Risk Scaling Chance:
60 50
High Risk Scaling Chance:
50 40
Extreme Risk Scaling Chance:
40 30
Decreased income rewards for catching high tier fish:
Bronze Fish Income: 10$ (No Change)
Silver Fish Income: 75$ 50$
Gold Fish Income:
250$ 175$
Diamond Fish Income:
750$ 600$
Platinum Fish Income:
2500$ 1500$
Decreased entropy levels for each fish type:
Bronze Fish Entropy: 80 40
Silver Fish Entropy:
135 70
Gold Fish Entropy:
250 125
Diamond Fish Entropy:
400 200
Platinum Fish Entropy:
2000 1000
Decreased entropy levels for each fish type. using /fish gut:
Bronze Fish Entropy: 100 50
Silver Fish Entropy:
200 100
Gold Fish Entropy:
500 250
Diamond Fish Entropy:
1400 700
Platinum Fish Entropy:
6000 3000
SlimeFun Changes
General Performance Enhancements
Removal of the Explosive Pickaxe (found to cause a duplication glitch)
mcMMO Changes
GigaBreaker, SuperBreaker and TreeFeller have been temporarily disabled to reduce lag spikes that were caused by these abilities.
CustomEnchanted Books and Scrolls added to the Common/Rare/Mystical Crates.
LWC Keys (/keys) reduced from 1000$ to 500$
Spawn Meme Updated

No changes made!

No changes made!