Chest Protection Guide


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Hi guys,
Chest protection is a must-have whilst on the server. When setting up a chest it cannot be set up in the wilderness so I'd suggest either setting up a town and locking chests inside your claim or joining one of the many towns on the server and you'll likely be set up with a plot where you can put down chests. You can use commands and punch the chests in order to lock them.

/cprivate - Locks chest.
/cunlock - Unlocks chest.
/cremove - Removes protection from chest.
/cpublic - Makes the chest public.
/cpassword [Pass] - Sets a password for the chest.
/cmodify [name] - Add an ally to a chest.
/cpersist - Lets you continue the same command so you don't have to retype it if you have multiple chests.
/cinfo - Gives you chest information such as who's whitelisted.

LWC Documentation is useful for further troubleshooting and can easily be found on your search engine, If anyone has further queries please don't hesitate to contact us below.
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