Cave Spider are more difficult to kill than they should be

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Username: clemband

Date found: 2 may 2020

Description of issue or what happened:cave spider are usually easier to kill, today however it is more difficult to do so, i suspect bane of arthropods isn't applied to them as normal spiders are effectively getting one shot.

i'm hitting cave spiders with a sword that has sharpness VI and bane of arthropod V, which should deal 23 damage to spiders, and a cave spider should have a health of 12, so they should get one shot.

Steps to reproduce the issue?
got to a cave spider grinder and use a bane of arthropod V to hit spiders, they don't die instantly

Do you have any mods enabled? (If so please state which, and the version of each mod) no

Minecraft Client Version? 1.15.2

Anything else we should know? no
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