Basic Towny Commands and Towny Ranks


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Creating a town
In order to create a town, you need $15,000. Make sure your stand in the area you want to settle your town in before running the command. Once you're ready, open chat and type:
/t new [town name]

Towns are safe from raiding and looting unless there are unlocked chests (free gain).
Any blocks broken within a 32-block radius of a town is considered griefing as per rule T1

You can view a towns taxes, residents, and bank balance by typing:
/t [town name]

Mayors (the player that created the town) can toggle mobs, pvp, fire, explosions, etc. For more info, do:
/t toggle

In order to expand your town by one chunk, you have to pay $2,500 and run:
/t claim

This command will let you add town residents:
/t invite [player name]

Be sure to monitor your town bank so it doesn't fall. If you can not pay the upkeep your town will fall. To manage your town bank, type:
/t deposit [amount]
/t withdraw [amount]

All towny commands are listed on the official towny website, here. When in doubt, run:
/t ?

You can set different ranks for your town members. This gives you the power to limit access, but also grant your residents different capabilities.
/town rank add [player name] [rank name]

Town ranks:
  • Mayor - Has complete control over the town
  • Co-Mayor - Has the same permissions as Mayor but is not able to delete the town.
  • Assistant - Has the ability to add plots, claim land, invite players to the town, and build.
  • Builder - A permission that allows a resident to build anywhere in the town
  • Sheriff - The town jailer. Able to jail residents if there is a town jail.
All residents who have any of these ranks are tax-exempt

I hope this was helpful!
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