Investigating Bans on using 'glitches'

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Dear staff,

I got banned because of a certain rule called: using server exploits to pull players into pvp area. First of all I didnt pull anyone I flung them away with a seismic axe.
This i a sf item that you guys imported into this game. If you call this item an exploit or glitch than please dont import 'glitches' into your server and just remove them.
I am honestly sick of getting bannned because I am using sf items for what they are intended to.

Kind regards,
Angry player
PS you guys got me more banned with your sf stuff than I have been banned using hacks


Former Staff
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Using this logic, if I flung u into a pvp area and killed + took your stuff would you be okay with it & think it's perfectly legal?

If so, I doubt it bcs last time I almost hit u, u griefed a whole ring around my base


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As the rule states,
Rule [G9]

Abusing server or general Minecraft glitches and using methods to bypass permissions is not allowed.

(Note: If any bugs/exploits are found report it by messaging management on discord with the relevant information and don’t tell others about it, teaching other players how to abuse a bug and not reporting it is treated the same as abusing it yourself)

(Note: If the bugs/exploits break a different rule then the punishment will overwrite the one listed in this rule)

This includes but not limited to:
  • Fishing rods to drag players into PvP zones or to throw them in the air and hurt them.
  • Exploits with jobs to make money easily (Job level reset and balance halved to punishment)
  • Using lava buckets to bypass towny permissions

If you want to make a punishment appeal, feel free... but using any sort of items to pull players into PVP zones is strictly forbidden. If you want to use your Slimefun items for what they are intended to be used for, feel free - but the issue is here that you broke a server rule and admitted to it blatantly in server chat and in this suggestion thread as well. Suggestion denied.
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