About Skyblock and what's next


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Hey everyone!
Let's clear up some confusion and some conspiracies regarding Skyblock.

Firstly, what's happening next?
We're completely redesigning Skyblock from the ground up. This is mainly because SkyCraftia doesn't necessarily fit in with CYT's style of things, and over time became an AFK simulator which we don't really want. Version 3 has no known or estimate release date. Simply, when it's ready.

Where are all the SkyCraftia Staff?
This is a bit of a tricky one, but simply put, they decided to leave, except @Katchow (love u). Their reasoning was pretty much that they didn't agree on the way we do and change things very frequently. As far as we're aware, no hard feelings.

Is there a Beta for V3?
There will be a Beta for V3, we're expecting this to start sometime in September. This will be a closed Beta as this will allow us to find, fix and rework any bugs or issues found, this beta will be either invite-only or sign up. Terms and Conditions apply.

Now, onto your questions!

Q: How have you gone about making it so Skyblock V3 is less of an AFK gamemode and promotes active play? - @Yiroh
A: We've made significant change to generators, removed island levels and are adding a second economy. More on this soon as we can't give out too much about V3 just yet.

Q: Will the explore shop ever have more blocks to unlock in it? @ChunkyChaya
A: There will not be an explore world in V3.

Q: Will it just be called Skyblock from V3? @CyberBeRG
A: Yes.

Q: Are there plans to update/rework Skyblock on a routine similar to Towny Content Updates but possibly not on the same time period? @Yiroh
A: This seems like a good idea in practice, however, that would mean we're always constantly working on configurations (we need a break too! :( ) We are going to update Skyblock alongside Towny, which is why they're not called Towny Content Updates, rather Monthly Content Updates.

Q: Is it going to be a complete reboot, from plugin up, as if you're making CYT's own Skyblock gamemode? @CyberBeRG
A: Yes, we're starting from the very basics.

Q: Will the generator for mining be changed to remove blocks like gravel dirt and obsidian to make it less annoying to work with? @Jpsh
A: The generator has been modified and we're considering removing those blocks, but it's not confirmed.

.. and that's it!
We'll hopefully have more information to give you in the coming weeks, and we're excited to see how Skyblock improves and progresses in the CYT network.

Love from,
Luke & Brad ?