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  1. Thornagator


    Make it so you can click something at the top of the website for the map thanks also /map or /cytmap or somethin clever for a quick link to it ingame would be handy thanks <3 Thorny
  2. Thornagator


    Completely forgot about those! it'd be a great addition
  3. Thornagator


    New token trades would be great Netherite for tokens More tags More enchants Tools Building blocks (rarer ones like prismarine, blackstone, basalt, sponge, black dye, ect.) Cosmetic permissions (color chat, nickname, particle effects, ect.) We all know the nether is going to be raided, so...
  4. Thornagator

    Town of the Month - May Applications

    Mayor's Name: Thornagator Town name: Revelation Short summary of your town: It's a castle, but in a mountain. It's pretty neat Screenshots of town:
  5. Thornagator

    count to 1000

  6. Thornagator

    Retired tag

    I want a tag for all retired staff we could make it so it's only mod+ or something so it's a little more exclusive or w/e I just wanna feel special if i'm being honesty <3 ~Thorny
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    count to 1000

  8. Thornagator

    count to 1000

  9. Thornagator

    CYT | Town of the Month April

    Town of the month is continuing, and this month was a close one! Congratulations to.... 4 Corners! (Your reward has already been deposited into your town bank!) (edited for mobile friends who couldn't see pictures) Here's a few more screenshots of their town!
  10. Thornagator

    Lucky Blocks

    Lucky blocks automatically place now, so not getting them when you have a full inventory isn't an issue anymore!
  11. Thornagator

    CYT | Town of the Month April Applications

    Apply now for Town of the Month! The monthly celebration of town of the month is back! Show off your town and get a chance to win $50,000! Towns are judged on aesthetic, theme, and how much hard work has been poured into them. The towns that apply will be voted on by the staff team, to try...
  12. Thornagator

    Increase Hopper withdrawl

    10 would be very neat
  13. Thornagator

    Town of the Month | March 2020

    Yes it's back again! And hopefully for good. A little late sorry, but we're here either way! So, who won? $50,000 Has been deposited into your town bank! Here's some screenshots of the town: We'll see you next month!
  14. Thornagator

    Golden lassos - a bit expensive?

    Denied, we think the price is balanced for the power of the tool.
  15. Thornagator

    Death Messages in Envoy

  16. Thornagator

    Bring back TPS in featherbox

    Approved for the next update!
  17. Thornagator

    Job Revamp

    We've already balanced out jobs, so this suggestion is null.