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Chat Rules
  1. Any form of chat disturbance/spam isn’t allowed, including repeating messages (frequently), randomized messages (including &k), countdowns, chat flooding, and spacing out letters.
  2. English only in general chat.
  3. No racism, misogyny, or any other comments that target a group of people.
  4. NSFW (not safe for work) content or drug related content is not allowed.
  5. Advertising of other servers, discords (excl. CYT-based town discords), or personal promotions are not allowed (excl. CYT-related streams).
  6. Leaking someone’s personal information knowing they don’t want it to be publicized is not allowed.
  7. Harassing players in any form is not acceptable. Staff will have the final say in determining judgement.
  8. Swearing/Cursing is allowed unless it’s constant or you’re saying it directly to a player to insult them.
  9. No discussing politics or religious views. Discussions like these tend to get out of hand.
  10. Staff impersonation is not allowed.

General Rules
  1. Unfair advantages of any form are not allowed. For Towny, this includes (but isn't limited to) auto-clickers, hacked clients, xray texturepacks and putting weights on/taping down your mouse or keyboard. For Skyblock, this includes (but isn't limited to) autoclickers in combat, hacked clients and xray texturepacks.
  2. Teleport killing is not allowed. Any traps are not allowed as well.
  3. Spamming commands, excluding LWC, /pv, /xpb, or /rtp is not allowed.
  4. There is no maximum for accounts per IP, although flags may be raised. Using a VPN/Proxy is not allowed and will be blocked upon login. Skyblock has a limit of 1 alternative account, whilst Towny has a limit of 2 alternative accounts.
  5. Macros are allowed for welcome messages, common help responses, and town promotions. Macros outside of these are not allowed.
  6. Abusing server or Minecraft glitches and using methods to bypass permissions is not allowed.
  7. No 0 tick farms, flying machines, huge redstone contraptions, lag machines, hopper clocks, or redstone clocks (with a lower delay than 32 ticks (4 full repeater delay)). Feel free to ask a staff member to check your build-out.
  8. Do not scam each other, this includes significantly overpricing, rigging/modifying agreed on deals to benefit you and/or someone else, renaming items to impersonate others, not giving the item to the player after purchase or not paying for the item at all.
  9. No inappropriate skins, nicknames, usernames or builds. This includes NSFW skins, historically bad people, political ideologies and nicknames with more than 15 characters (not including colour codes). Inappropriate builds include no swastikas, hammer and sickles, and no genitalia.
  10. Setting player warps or homes in, or around a 200 block radius of a town that is not yours is not allowed and will be removed with no refund and/or warning. If you’ve been given direct permission and can prove that, you may keep the home/warp.
  11. Staff will not refund any items lost to the vacuum for any reason. Refer to the scoreboard before dropping any items.
  12. Claiming the main end island is not allowed. Claiming the outer end islands or the end portal, however, is allowed.
  13. Staff have the final say in all matters. If you have an issue with a ruling, feel free to make an appeal and/or staff report if you feel it was unjust. Do not continue to argue about it as this will make the punishment tougher.
  14. You are responsible for your own account, regardless of who does the action on your account, you are liable for the damages and consequences.
  15. Do not trade in-game money for anything outside of the server with the only exception being the CYT store.
  16. Ban Evading on a seperate account is not allowed. Your IP will be banned for the same time as your main account.
  17. Mute Evasion, including using signs or any in-game feature to chat will result in a ban for the duration of said mute.
  18. Anti-competitive practices are not allowed. This includes: significant undercutting or overpricing (price fixing), bid rigging and abuse of a dominant market position. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Breaking this rule can cost you up to 50% of you and your alt(s) (if applicable) Bank, Marriage Bank (if applicable), Cash and Town/Nation Bank (if applicable).

Towny Rules
  1. Griefing any claimed land (including a 1 chunk radius around claimed land) by a town including outposts (that isn’t your town) is NOT allowed if permissions don't permit. If permissions are incorrectly setup and outsiders can interact with or break blocks, you are allowed to do so.
  2. Do not join towns with the intent to cause damage or destruction.
  3. Do not intentionally interfere with other towns and their expansion or design. This includes but is not limited to the following: ring claiming, building walls around towns that are not your own, TNT cannons, intentional creeper explosions, lava and water pyramids, and claiming outposts/towns near another town to prevent expansion.
  4. If you’re in or around a town, and a town member asks you to leave, you must do so immediately.
  5. If you have been outlawed by a town, you are not allowed back into the town (including its outposts) under any circumstances.
  6. If a town’s mayor is inactive for 30 days mayorship will be passed through the chain of commands: Co-Mayor, Assistant, Helper, VIP, and if none are active a regular town member that has been in the town for more than 2 weeks may assume mayorship. We do not delete any town for any reason unless all members are banned permanently. If the land is claimed, it's taken and there are no exceptions to this.
  7. Ranked town members cannot use their permissions to steal from town members. Doing this will result in the ownership of the town being given to another player or removal of the town rank. This includes: draining the town bank, purposely making the town fall, stealing from other town members, and increasing tax with no prior notice.
  8. If the mayor requests a plot to be cleared it will be cleared, chests and all.
  9. Instantly inviting someone with (/t add [name]) as they join the server is not allowed. Ask them over /msg and not general chat, and if they decline, respect that decision and don’t keep asking.
  10. Do not claim land from a fallen town within 24 hours of the town falling.

Allowed Mod List (Towny)
  1. Inventory/Mouse Tweaks Mod
  2. Schematica (without Printer)
  3. OptiFine
  4. Mini-maps (without Radar/Cave Finder)
  5. All Badlion Client Features
  6. Shaders
  7. Macro's are allowed (unless used for mcMMO, Jobs, Fishing or Mazes/Parkour)

Allowed Mod List (Skyblock)
  1. Inventory/Mouse Tweaks Mod
  2. OptiFine
  3. Mini-maps (without Radar/Cave Finder)
  4. All Badlion Client Features
  5. Shaders
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