Changelog V6.1 Update Log

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- We can finally restart doing DropParties when we hit milestones. However, the rewards will not be economy breaking
like on previous versions.
- New lobby design
- Added custom join/leave messages
- Disabled chatter in the 3x3 spawn area for bot-prevention
Towny Spawn
- Disabled chatter in the 3x3 spawn area for bot-prevention
- You can now 1v1 your friends in an arena with pre-set kits! Your items are safe, you don't have to worry about breaking, losing or having your gear stolen anymore. /duels to begin.

Fisherman Job
- Now receive money, job points and experience for 'Cod' fish
- WorldEdit was fixed and added to all players
- 1.14 support
- All commands listed here []
Mob per chunk limit
- Now 55 mobs per chunk, was 50.

V6.1 Downtime [Global]

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Hold tight, v6.1 release downtime begins Friday 3rd May at 12pm BST (7am EST)

We'll post the patch notes on the forums during the downtime.
Got suggestions for what you'd like to see in the update? Post them here!

Changelog v6.0.1 - The Vitalization Update Patch #1

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The Vitalization Update Patch #1
Released on 21/04/2019

Staff Changes
  • Re-implemented playtime requirements.
  • Re-opened staff applications.
  • Removed non-moderative staff from moderation channels.
  • Created general staff chat channel on the server (for non-moderation purposes).
Discord Changes
  • Cleaned up the content Discord server.
  • Added #looking-for, #faq, and #town-recruitment channels.
  • Removed v6 discussion and QnA channels.
Server Changes
  • Mob limiter set to 50/chunk.
  • Doubled ClearLag from 250 to 500.
  • Resolved rat infestation by introducing cats (ClearLag).
  • Spawner stacking up to 15x.
  • Disabled DeathChest due to duplication glitch.
  • Removed mystical crate keys from the store.
  • Added XP boosters to CYT store.
  • Added item stacking to help reduce server lag.
Towny Changes
  • Nether Wart base...

Changelog V6 - The Vitalization Update

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The Vitalization Update
Released on 16/04/2019

Staff Updates
  • Adjusted staff guidelines.
  • New staff back-end roles for Admins.
  • Special staff pet (its a ssssssssecret :3 )!
  • Updated Streamer Rank Requirements:
    • 250 Subscriber/Followers.
    • Added special pet respective to your platform (YouTube/Twitch)!
  • Updated all staff permissions and capabilities.
Rule Updates
  • Rule G18: Staff will not refund any items that are obtained in worlds that are not inventory-connected to the main Towny world.
Server Changes
  • New Spawn in "HUB" style: to help control the look of the server as well as more capabilities for event hosting.
  • New Dungeons Warp location to consolidate Dungeon resources and warps, plus it just looks better.
  • New Llama Pool for AFK players to ride their favourite Llamas!
  • Tablist now does not show vanished staff.
  • Rats now take...

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