Changelog CraftYourTown v7.4 | Changelog

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Got your popcorn? Tea? Coffee? Aight then, let's get stuck in.

Removed PocketGames

This plugin tends to have a heavy load on the server when being used (if it's used)

Removed /warp Casino
Something much better will take it's place, keep reading.

Removed Vacuum V1
The plugin we used is reasonably old and was last updated for 1.11.2

Removed Armour Stand Editor
Forgot this was a thing too?

Removed Player Glows
These are far too buggy and cause many issues upon purchase. All players that bought one will be refunded with 6x Mystical Crate Keys

Removed XPBoost
Not /xpbottle, xpboost.
This was simply never used.

You can no longer claim in the...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.3.3 | Changelog

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AFK Collection
We've introduced (if anyone hasnt noticed by now) AFK collection once again! Meaning, if your player becomes AFK, you will be teleported to
the AFK Collection area at spawn!

Rule Change
Rule G13 (regarding what builds are not acceptable)
AFK Pools have been added to the list of unacceptable builds - any AFK-bypass contraption will also be regarded as unacceptable.

Dungeon Mall is back! (/warp mall)


Now we've had the bugs ironed out, we're happy to bring back PyroMining with one major change:
XP/Skill/Zeta can **only** be gained when in the Resource world!

Mazes have been regenerated!


The chances of Rare/Mystical envoys spawning per envoy...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.3.2 | Changelog

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There are now three new Augments available - check them out using /fish augments.

Mazes have been regenerated!


We've reintroduced CombatLog to the Envoy area, stopping players from just running away when in combat.

All current AH items have been forceably expired, meaning you can collect them from the /ah menu (the Rotten Potato icon when you click on the Beacon menu)
We will give players 3 days to collect all expired items from AH before we change how items are stored and the AH will be wiped!

Any items posted on the AH within the next 3 days will most likely be cleared if not bought by players prior to the wipe. We are unable to disable...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.3.1 | Changelog

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Rule Change
Change to Rule G10:
Punishment violations will only be given if a 0-tick farm is made after this announcement has been posted. Any 0-tick farms made prior to the rule change will be simply removed.
Rule [G10]

Most fly machines, large Redstone contraptions, clocks or lag machines are not allowed.
ADDED: 0-tick farms are not allowed.
If you have concerns ask staff to check it out as if it is not massive, cause lag or with fly machines not go on forever then it should be ok.

(Note: Any blocks and any items lost during WorldEdit removal will not be refunded due to rule violation)

CYT Staff...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.2.4 | Changelog

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CYT V7.2.3 Content & Staff Feedback Form
We want your opinion on V7.2.3!

Everyone who completes this form with their in-game name (in the first question) will be automatically entered into our
giveaway - the winner will receive 50,000$ in-game money and a 15$ Voucher to be used at!

The winner will be announced on 7th September with the v7.3 update!

Click Here:

Reduced passive entropy gain for simply catching fish (not gutting them).
Reduced prices for...

We've got a reddit!

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We got a sub-reddit thanks to @eGirlTyler!

Join us here:

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.2.3 | Changelog

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Rule Changes
1st Offence = (3-day ban + Grief rolled back) (Warning + Grief rolled back)
2nd Offence = (7-day ban + Grief rolled back) (3-day ban + Grief rolled back)
3rd Offence = (21-day ban + Grief rolled back) (7-day ban + Grief rolled back)
4th Offence = (Permanent Ban + Grief rolled back)

CYT Builder Role Change
We no longer have a dedicated 'Builder' role with a tag and a place at /warp staff!
From now on, if you would like to build for CYT and let us use these builds in dungeons, events and future updates please be sure to fill out an application form...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.2.2 | Changelog

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Content & Staff Feedback Form Giveaway Winner:
Congratulations to Mattmuzzy!
Winning 50,000$ in-game and a 15$ CYT Store Voucher.

Staff Promotions
We'd like to welcome @Retro_Ownagee and @MsPandaLilly as our new Helpers!
And both @Fear @Andrewfrigon as our newest Mods!

Spawner prices of Zombie/Skeleton/Spider/Cave Spider/Blaze have been reduced.

As some have picked up, the automatic tournaments have been reduced to every 3 hours.
The prizes for winning have been reduced:
1st Place:...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.2.1 | Changelog

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Rule Change
Rule T5 changed from 2 hours to 12 hours when asking a person to leave your town area:
If you’re in a town, or within a 200-block radius of one, and a town member ask you to leave, do so immediately and if you are on a players personal plot and they ask you to leave, do so immediately. This means to teleport to spawn, your town spawn or away from the town, not stay around the general area. If a player does not leave and/or still appears on the town members [/near] list (within a 200-block radius), then this will be in violation of the request and punishments will be given.

If this request is stated, you must stay away from the area for at least [COLOR=rgb(184...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.2 | Changelog

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Rule Changes (& SF Rule Enforcement)
A few rule changes:
  • Placed SlimeFun blocks that revert to their default block (mainly blocks from SlimeXPansion) will now not be replaced. -- We made this change to avoid false reports of glitched items
  • Any CS-CoreLib Heads that are obtained due to Cargo Nodes or Capacitors reverting will be replaced to the lowest tier (Small Energy Capacitor/Input and Output Nodes) -- This is done because there is no way for us to differenciate the blank item handed to other tiers.
G2 - Hacking and Unfair Advantages
  • 1st Offence = (30-day ban) [was 1 week]
  • 2nd Offence = (90-day ban + Job level reset and balance halved) [was 30...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.1.4 | Changelog

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Staff Promotions
We'd like to announce GeneralCinny as our newest Admin!

Version Updates
Updated to MC Ver. 1.14.4 - "this should hopefully sort the lag."

SlimeFun Changes
Re-added the Explosive Pickaxe.

PyroFishing Changes
Added Augments:
  • Crab Bait
  • Master Fisherman
Reverted Entropy changes made in v7.1.2
Bronze Fish Entropy: 40 80
Silver Fish Entropy:
70 135
Gold Fish Entropy:
125 250
Diamond Fish Entropy:
200 400
Platinum Fish Entropy:
1000 2000

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.1.3 | Changelog

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Please vote on the poll above, we're going to give 3 lucky people from it $15,000 in-game for the gamemode that they choose.
Draw is next weekend!

Removed Skeleton King Dungeon
Has deprecated methods and was originally intended as a temporary dungeon

Removed REACT v2

Re-added REACT v1

Added tracking: /reaction top

Removed Duels
We've been monitoring duels usage over the past month closely, due to the lag and possible other aspects regarding PvP, this has been less used than we would've originally thought.

Removed Unknown Tunnel V1 and Skeleton King Spawners
4374 active mob custom spawners have been removed

Added Daily Sale on one store item
One item per day...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.1.2 | Changelog

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Staff Promotions
We’d like to welcome AndrewFrigon (Andrew) to the team as our newest Helper!
And a hearty goodbye to VersionOmega (Dan) who is resigning from his position as Towny Manager <3
Rule Changes
Towny Rule T1 (Griefing within 32-blocks of a town) punishments have been reduced:
Old Punishments:
1st Offence = (1-week ban + Grief rolled back)
2nd Offence = (30-day ban + Grief rolled back)
3rd Offence = (Permanent Ban + Grief rolled back)

New Punishments:
1st Offence = (3-day ban + Grief Rolled Back)
2nd Offence = (7-day ban + Grief Rolled Back)
3rd Offence = (21-day ban + Grief Rolled Back)
4th Offence = (Permanent ban + Grief...

About the current state of the TPS lag

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Hey hey hey!

Let's get started, so if you haven't noticed (god knows how), the server becomes insanely laggy when player counts start to go into the 25+ range. Now, this is not caused by the player count its-self, but what the players are all doing at the same time.

I want to make this very clear, our plugins are not the cause of the lag, and that's proven by our timings (these are not public). We've tried and tried again with trying to come up with solutions, including help from PaperMC and SpigotMC, the server currently is as smooth as we can get it and that's confirmed. The issue with 1.13+ is that mojang changed how chunks work, load and generate, and they did not correctly change their default server software to compensate and optimise this. Other servers may not lag for a few reasons:
- They have less than 20 players average - Chunks still may load and unload, but not to the extent that our server is dealing with
- They are all in a designated area, or the world is not...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.1.1 | Changelog

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Added LWC Keys
These keys are used to unlock chests that are locked in the Wilderness.
Purchase keys for $1,000 using /keys.
Added Rename Plugin
Allows users to /rename items.
Given back to the same ranks that had it before, check using /ranks.
Added Horse Spawners to Spawner Shop (credit @Beck#9911)
Use /spawnershop to access these.
Staff Promotions
Helpers: eGirlChaya & GeneralCinny
Builders: Landobob & EKzoTiiC
Rule Update/Changes:
These rule changes take effect immediately upon the launch of V7.1.1.
Former Rule:

Rule [G6]

Going AFK is allowed, even for beneficial use.

No punishments given, just stating that...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.1 | Changelog

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Updated to 1.14.3 (
Was planned but release was delayed by Mojang
Fixed an issue where Town Upkeep wasn't being taken from the town bank but members of the town were still taxed
Added Player Glows to the store ( (credit @chaya)
Removed GWarps

These have the tendancy to clear and corrupt
Added PlayerWarps
You can now create 1 PlayerWarp by default, cost of 10,000$
You must be Commoner Rank to modify and private PlayerWarps
Added Player Levels
Level up your player by killing mobs and mining
Displays in chat next to your username
This can be used by players to determine if...

Changelog v7.0.3 Changelog | CraftYourTown

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Please note that this is a Weekly update and will not include much new content.
Monthly updates are the Content updates!

Removed Anti-Drop

Fixed an issue where you'd recieve the 48 hour achievement at ~44 hours

Re-added DeathChests
Unlocked as soon as they appear
Disabled in Dungeons, Parkour and Extras world

Fixed an issue where phantoms could spawn in the Extras worlds

Disabled creating or claiming Towns in the Resource world.

Fixed an issue where certain chunks would not save block data



Oh, and use code...

Changelog v7.0.2 Changelog | CraftYourTown

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Please note that this is a Weekly update and will not include much new content.
Monthly updates are the Content updates!

Introduced Anti Tool Drop:
- Toggleable with /antidrop toggle
- Allows you to confirm (by pressing the drop key twice) if you want to actually drop your tools

Re-added SlimeXpansion

Fixed MineSync, you can now once again /register or link accounts with /linkaccount from in-game

Fixed an issue where filling a book with 50 pages of random characters and leaving it in a chest would cause the items in the chest to duplicate

Fixed an issue where /csn history would display incorrect data

Added a patch for around ~20 dupe glitches that made it into the final 1.14.2 builds.

Updated Creative to 1.14.2 with all new blocks and WorldEdit

Updated lobby to...

CraftYourTown Version 7 & Transparency Report

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It's about time we sit down and explain a lot of things.
Get a coffee for this one, you'll need it.

We want to make it clear that we had no intentions, desire or need to reset again just over a month after the last one. We're as annoyed and frustrated as you are and we can only apologise for the events that have unfolded. This was not intentional and genuinely happened overnight. The server was fine, I went to bed, woke up, everything was wrong. It started with most plugins (not in a database) errors and them spamming No space left on device. We realised that something had badly gone wrong and started removing un-used servers to free up storage. This helped by about 3% of the overall partition and it's storage. We then analyzed each server size and found towny had escalated from ~130GB to around ~390GB which was unexplainable when we found it. I then analyzed the plugins folder, that was normal size, the worlds; normal and then opened the logs...

Known Server Issues

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Edit: We've upgraded and server is now stable

Hello all!

We know about a few issues regarding the actual technical side of things for the machine that CYT runs on and we'll let you in on them so we're as transparent as possible.
Basically the reason CYT crashed twice today was that an unknown person assigned too much RAM (Random-Access Memory) to the Towny server (we have 7 other servers running) that the machine doesn't have, so the machine crashed. We figured this out and fixed this instantly.

Secondly, the TPS drops are due to a large number of reasons:
  • Hoppers
  • Redstone Clocks
  • Chunk loading
  • Chunk unloading
  • Mobs
  • Hostile mobs
  • Spawners
  • Slimefun (Inevitable)
The RAM amount is not the issue, it's RAM speed related. (The current machine runs on DDR3 RAM, meaning the server cannot respond as fast as it would with DDR4. DDR3 runs at an average of ~1333MHz whilst DDR4 is a average of ~2400MHz)
To resolve this, we plan to upgrade the server to a...

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