Changelog September Content Update | Changelog

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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 3

Slimefun Extra Tools
Even more content for slimefun!
Check it out using the /sf guide

Marriage Guide
A new marriage guide gui has been added in game (thanks to @Andrewfrigon)
Check it out by typing /marriage in game

Repair Tokens
Brand new repair tokens with multiple tiers are now in place (credit to @iChasm)
Repair tokens now repair based on durability, there are 5 tiers and each tier repairs more than the last

Shady Mage
A few more enchantments have been added to the shady mage! (credit to @iChasm)
Check them out at [COLOR=rgb(44, 130...

Changelog August Content Update | Changelog

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Please note there is no Skyblock v2.2 as we're preparing for Version 3.
Let's get stuck in.


If you cannot connect, you need to be using 1.16.2
OptiFine Download Click Here

XP from Paid Crates
We and some of you think purchasing Crate Keys and getting XP is not a deserving reward.

Explosive Pickaxe/Shovel from Nether World
To help preserve the nether for as long as possible, we're disabling these destructive tools in the Nether World only.

Crate Overhaul
Mango, Spark, Lightning, Rare, Common and Vote Crates have...

Changelog July Content Update | Changelog

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Another long one? God damn it. :coffee:

Builder Crate
Whilst it was slightly helpful, the crate taking its place is superior.

Pinata Party Requirement
We now only require 40 players (on Towny) to start a party!
We've lowered it because players are now spread out.

Reworked existing dungeons for a tiered difficulty experience throughout the dungeons. (From easiest to hardest is now: Necropolis -> Bandit Den -> Cloud City -> Crimson Courtyard)
Added a drops table to Zeus as there wasn’t one before.
Increased the drop chances of all items on all mobs.
Expanded drop pools on all bosses to include more items including vanilla items.
Fixed a problem with the...


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Hello everyone!
This is going to be quite long and in depth, so we recommend a coffee and cookies for this one.

First of all, Welcome the SkyCraftia Community to the CraftYourTown Forums!
So, let's get stuck in. CraftYourTown has recently (last night) acquired SkyCraftia and we're happy to announce that it will be joining the CraftYourTown network. Now some of you from SkyCraftia/CraftYourTown might be thinking "what?", basically, as of right now, the server will be as it was under MamaBeau just under the CraftYourTown proxy. Over time we'll be adding the CYT Touch to it and making it feel as though it perfectly and seamlessly belongs here. We will be changing the name from SkyCraftia to just SkyBlock at some point, but this doesn't have a planned date as of yet.

I'd like to mention that we have really good intentions and plans for SkyCraftia, Skyblock has been on our bucket list for a long time and this is...

Changelog CraftYourTown v8.2 | Changelog

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We've removed the Casino due to your feedback and moved BlackJack back to /pww ATC.

ChestShop (Removing officially on the 7th July)
Keep reading for it's replacement, it's important!

ChestShop Notifier
It's no longer needed due to the removal of ChestShop

Crop Growth Accelerator
You couldn't craft it anyway..

Daily/Weekly Rewards [v1]
We're removing these, but DONT WORRY. They're replaced with something much better. Keep reading.

Shady Mage
You'll need to convert any current tokens into the new Token system at /warp Mage as we're replacing the hand-held ones. You...

Top Voters - May

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Hello everyone! Today we're announcing the Top Voters for May on CYT, whilst announcing what's changing for May's Top Voters rewards.

Please note the vote count for June has started (8 days ago, oops)! Vote daily for a chance to be #1.
Some sites are 24 hours whilst others are 12 hour delays.
Best of luck!

Top Voters
Thanks to everyone who voted in the last month, here are our top 3:
#1 shawn678 - 277 votes - 15$ CYT Store Voucher +10$ PayPal
#2 FreakingFear - 274 votes - 10$ CYT Store Voucher + 5$ PayPal
#3 AlexLander123- 264 votes - 5$ CYT Store Voucher
Please contact me via the forums or discord lukemango#5552
Vouchers and their remainders cannot be transferred to other players.

Click me to vote!

Town of the Month May

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Town of the Month May
and the winner is...

Congrats! Kuyuts and xSiilver, your reward has been added to your tags list /tags
Thank you everyone for participating!
See you next month!

due to technical difficulties screenshots of the town were not able to be uploaded :/

CYT | Town of the Month April

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Town of the month is continuing, and this month was a close one!

Congratulations to....

4 Corners!
(Your reward has already been deposited into your town bank!)
(edited for mobile friends who couldn't see pictures)
Here's a few more screenshots of their town!

Top Voters (April) + A surprise

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Hello everyone! Today we're announcing the Top Voters for April on CYT, whilst announcing what's changing for May's Top Voters rewards.

Please note the vote count for May has started! Vote daily for a chance to be #1.
Some sites are 24 hours whilst others are 12 hour delays.
Best of luck!

Top Voters
Thanks to everyone who voted in the last month, here are our top 3:
#1 FreakingFear - 190 votes - 15$ CYT Store Voucher (Joint first)
#1 Grzeslaw1 - 190 votes - 15$ CYT Store Voucher (Joint first)
#2 AlexLander123 - 189 votes - 15$ CYT Store Voucher
#3 Ydrum - 173 votes - 5$ CYT Store Voucher
Please contact me via the forums or discord lukemango#5552
Vouchers and their remainders cannot be transferred to other players.

To everyone that voted 5 times per day over the last month, you've been entered into a draw...

Changelog CraftYourTown v8.1 | Changelog

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(If you came looking for Marriage I hate to break it to you but you'll be merely disappointed)

Dagger, React and Vulture Crate
We're releasing 3 new keys in their place!

Death Messages
We've all had those incidents where you have a bit of an embarrassing death, now you don't have to worry about it (as much)!

This has been disabled due to the addition of banks.

This has become used for a "pay to win" style using smaller mobs for small hitboxes.

Rankup GUI confirmation
You no longer have to click a GUI everytime you rankup!

Removed /warp Mall
If you had a stall here, please contact an Admin+ or #support and we'll get your stuff back for...

Changelog CraftYourTown v8.0 | Changelog

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Currently the plugin does not support our custom jar, we're looking into getting this fixed soon.

Voting Claim GUI
You now have to be online when voting or rewards will not count

Custom Enchants
We feel that the previous Custom Enchants only caused issues while adding little to the gameplay.
The new ones below are more aimed towards our kind of gameplay.

Quests have been temporarily removed whilst we monitor the new economy and balance them around it.

XPBottle drop on death
As Graves have been added, this is no longer needed to hold XP.

We've removed this to check for your playtime as you can press ESC -> Statistics to see the global server playtime instead.
As we've just reset nobody would technically be eligible for staff as it'd say not enough hours...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.6 | Changelog

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Oh boy, you're not ready for this one. Hot chocolate and some chocolate chip cookies are most definitely in order.
If you choose to ignore this, you have been warned!

The Christmas season is now officially over, so it's time to focus on what's next. I promised in my What 2020 holds for CYT post that we have tons of things planned for you all, and I do not plan to let you down. Let's start 2020 off right.

We have updated to 1.15.2 for all servers; if you cannot connect this is most likely why!

Removed Xmas Event

Removed the huge message in chat when you connect

It was obnoxious and we all hated it, don't lie.

Removed the extra space at the start of usernames that didn't have a tag...

What 2020 holds for CYT

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Well, it's nearing the end of a decade, it's time to start thinking about the future.

**Queue the uplifting music**

But first, let's remember some important factors.
Well, here at CraftYourTown, we've been making content for you to enjoy for nearly 3 years. And to think this all started from me being slightly bored, that's impressive.
I'd just like to start by thanking each and every one of you for sticking by us through the rough patches and tough times we've had, undoubtedly theres been alot of them, from failed gamemodes (cough legacy) to the server losing players and what not, it's been tough. But, well, from my eyes atleast, we've always pulled through, and that's because of the community that we're so lucky to have. You might piss me off sometimes, but deep down I love you all. That's a true family.

We've had our good and bad times, but let's focus on the good for a minute.
Back in April of 2017, when CraftYourTown was first released, the server grew faster than any other...

Town of the Month | November 2019

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We're reviving an old CYT tradition, wanted for ages but we sort of forgot.
Yes, we're late, shut up.

So, who won?

100,000$ has been deposited into your town bank!

Some screenshots of the town:

CYT | 2019 Christmas Event

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Starting from today, the CYT 2019 Xmas Event!
/warp Xmas

Accept Santa's and other NPCs quests for unique rewards and prizes!
You won't be able to do all the quests at once, you're required to have a certain amount of quest points for certain ones!
/quests stats to see your current amount!

Christmas Calendar
As a CYT tradition that we've done since we opened, this years Christmas Calendar begins December 1st.
Don't miss a day because there are unique tags involved! Collect it at the spawn Christmas Tree

Christmas Present Hunt
Around the spawn, the tutorial area, parkour, christmas event area and envoy area are scattered Christmas Presents.
Everyone can claim each one once, happy hunting!
Once you claim them all, you'll be awarded with a unique [Ho-ho-ho!] Tag.

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.5 | Changelog

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Fine, we'll admit it, we definetly went overboard but we think you'll like it, after all, it is the holiday season.
Make sure you've got a toasty coffee and a pack of cookies for this one.

Play for 2+ hours and recieve a cute Pug pet :D
ok, back to the patch notes


OG Tag

Removed /shop
This is to enforce the "player-based economy" that we set when we started v7. The only reason it was a thing was to cap prices, if prices become too high, we'll re-implement this cap.

Removed ActionBar Health
This will be moved to the integrated one provided by mcMMO.

Removed Elevators
Trust us, it's worth it. We've got our trusty Iron Elevators back!

Removed DeathChests

Removed AFK Teleportation
We understand that money is...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.4 | Changelog

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Got your popcorn? Tea? Coffee? Aight then, let's get stuck in.

Removed PocketGames

This plugin tends to have a heavy load on the server when being used (if it's used)

Removed /warp Casino
Something much better will take it's place, keep reading.

Removed Vacuum V1
The plugin we used is reasonably old and was last updated for 1.11.2

Removed Armour Stand Editor
Forgot this was a thing too?

Removed Player Glows
These are far too buggy and cause many issues upon purchase. All players that bought one will be refunded with 6x Mystical Crate Keys

Removed XPBoost
Not /xpbottle, xpboost.
This was simply never used.

You can no longer claim in the...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.3.3 | Changelog

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AFK Collection
We've introduced (if anyone hasnt noticed by now) AFK collection once again! Meaning, if your player becomes AFK, you will be teleported to
the AFK Collection area at spawn!

Rule Change
Rule G13 (regarding what builds are not acceptable)
AFK Pools have been added to the list of unacceptable builds - any AFK-bypass contraption will also be regarded as unacceptable.

Dungeon Mall is back! (/warp mall)


Now we've had the bugs ironed out, we're happy to bring back PyroMining with one major change:
XP/Skill/Zeta can **only** be gained when in the Resource world!

Mazes have been regenerated!


The chances of Rare/Mystical envoys spawning per envoy...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.3.2 | Changelog

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There are now three new Augments available - check them out using /fish augments.

Mazes have been regenerated!


We've reintroduced CombatLog to the Envoy area, stopping players from just running away when in combat.

All current AH items have been forceably expired, meaning you can collect them from the /ah menu (the Rotten Potato icon when you click on the Beacon menu)
We will give players 3 days to collect all expired items from AH before we change how items are stored and the AH will be wiped!

Any items posted on the AH within the next 3 days will most likely be cleared if not bought by players prior to the wipe. We are unable to disable...

Changelog CraftYourTown v7.3.1 | Changelog

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Rule Change
Change to Rule G10:
Punishment violations will only be given if a 0-tick farm is made after this announcement has been posted. Any 0-tick farms made prior to the rule change will be simply removed.
Rule [G10]

Most fly machines, large Redstone contraptions, clocks or lag machines are not allowed.
ADDED: 0-tick farms are not allowed.
If you have concerns ask staff to check it out as if it is not massive, cause lag or with fly machines not go on forever then it should be ok.

(Note: Any blocks and any items lost during WorldEdit removal will not be refunded due to rule violation)

CYT Staff...

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